Thursday, September 14, 2017, Track 3 AM Session

Building Seismic Safety Council Session:

Topic: “NEHRP Recommended Seismic Provisions”

The NEHRP Recommended Seismic Provisions for New Buildings and Other Structures is the resource document that scrutinizes the broadest extent of the seismic design process and provides state-of-knowledge information to improve the current seismic design procedures in the national seismic design standards and model building codes. Most significant NEHRP code change proposals are adopted by ASCE-7, Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures, which in turn is the national standard adopted by the International Building Code (IBC).

This session will provide an overview of the important topics being considered under 2020 cycle, present several new topics, including the development of the next-generation seismic design value maps, and cover an important code change made in the 2015 cycle.

Session Chair/Organizer:

David Bonneville

Chair, 2020 Provision Update Committee

Degenkolb Engineers

(415) 392-6952

Jiqiu (JQ) Yuan

Building Seismic Safety Council (

National Institute of Building Sciences

(202) 787-3240

Format of Session:

Six Presentations, Proposed Participants/Subjects:

David Bonneville Progress on the 2020 NEHRP Recommended Seismic Provisions
Ron Hamburger Updated Basis for National Seismic Design Values Maps
Nico Luco Progress on the 2018 USGS National Seismic Hazard Model
Charlie Kircher New Site-Specific Ground Motion Requirements of ASCE 7-16
Robert Pekelnicky Seismic Performance Objectives
Kelly Cobeen/ S.K. Ghosh Updates on Modifications to Shear Wall Provisions/Seismic Design of Rigid Wall-Flexible Diaphragm Buildings

Provision Update Committee meeting, November 30, 2016, Burlingame, CA, by JQ Yuan

About the NEHRP Recommended Provisions

Under the sponsorship of FEMA, BSSC administers an ongoing consensus-based process of updating and maintaining the NEHRP Recommended Provisions for New Buildings and Other Structures. The NEHRP Recommended Provisions and its Commentary and resource papers embody the state-of-knowledge criteria for design and construction of new buildings subject to earthquake hazards. The new knowledge and technologies contained in this resource document are diffused into the model building codes developed by the International Code Council (ICC) and several national standards, including the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Structural Engineering Institute (SEI) ASCE/SEI-7 Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures. Learn more about the 2015 NEHRP Provisions.

About the Building Seismic Safety Council

The Building Seismic Safety Council (BSSC) is an independent, voluntary membership body representing a wide variety of building community interests related to seismic safety. Its fundamental purpose is to enhance public safety by providing a national forum that fosters improved seismic safety provisions for use by the building community in the planning, design, construction, regulation and utilization of buildings

About the National Institute of Building Sciences

The National Institute of Building Sciences, authorized by public law 93-383 in 1974, is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that brings together representatives of government, the professions, industry, labor and consumer interests to identify and resolve building process and facility performance problems. The Institute serves as an authoritative source of advice for both the private and public sectors with respect to the use of building science and technology.

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