Technical Sessions Schedule

The 2017 Convention will have an unmatched technical program featuring a wide array of topics and speakers. Near 60 presentations will be made throughout the three days of the convention in three concurrent tracks.

Wednesday, September 13
Thursday, September 14
Friday, September 15

Wednesday, September 13

Keynote Presentation – EERI San Diego-Tijuana Earthquake Scenario Updates and Panel Discussion – 4:45 pm to 6:15 pm

Speakers and Panelists: Diane Murbach, James Gingery, Anthony Court, Luis Mendoza, Roberto Ruiz-Salas, David Racela

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Thursday, September 14

Morning Session – 8:00 am to 11:45 am

Time SlotTrack 1
(Sorrento/San Marino Room)
Track 2
(Capri/Riviera Room)
Track 3
(Monte Carlo/St. Tropez Room)
Steel DesignNew DesignBuilding Seismic Safety Council
8:00am-8:30amDesign of Chevron Gusset Plates
Rafael Sabelli
Apple Park Precast System – Complete Integration of Architecture, Structure, and Mechanical Services in a Resilient Long Span Floor System
Glen Underwood
John Worley
Progress on the 2020 NEHRP
Recommended Seismic Provisions
David Bonneville
8:35am-9:05amRealistic Seismic Behavior of the Main Tower of the New SAS Bay Bridge and Its Base Anchors
Abolhassan Astaneh-asl
Xin Qian, Maryam Tabbakhha
Delivering the GigaFactory in
Tesla Time Using HD BIM
John Osteraas
Greg Luth
Updated Basis for National
Seismic Design Values Maps
Ron Hamburger
9:10am-9:40amDamage Tolerant Braced Frame Designs
Ralph Richard
Rudolph Radau, Jay Allen
Sustainable Design: It’s the least you can do!
Karyn Beebe, Megan Stringer
Nina Mahjoub, Beth Grote, Erik Kneer, Allen Nudel, Tony Court, Jim Conley, Lisa Podesto
Progress on the 2018 USGS
National Seismic Hazard Model
Nico Luco
9:45am-10:15amHigh-Rise Pre-Northridge PJP
Column Splice Repair
Michael Chisholm
Robert Pekelnicky, James Malley
The Tallest Wood Building in the World
Kris Spickler
Robert Jackson
New Site-Specific Ground
Motion Requirements of ASCE 7-16 
Charlie Kircher
Break (25 MIN)
Vibration DesignConcrete Slab DesignBuilding Seismic Safety Council (cont.)
10:40am-11:10amStrategies for Mitigating Floor Vibrations – Case Studies for Practicing Engineers
Wayne Brown
Reza Kashani, Pete Carlson
New Methods in Efficient Post-tensioned Slab Design Using Topology Optimization
David Shook
Mark Sarkisian, Eric Long, Alessandro Beghini, Rupa Garai, Abel Diaz, Ricardo Henoch
Seismic Performance Objectives
Robert Pekelnicky
11:15am-11:45amAn Economical Approach to Floor Vibration through Appropriate Design Criteria and Analytical Methods
Jeffrey Keileh
Mark Sarkisian
A Comparison of Different Methods to Design Cast-in-Place Concrete Diaphragms for Seismic Load
Rahul Sharma
Jeremiah Legrue, Doug Hohbach
Updates on Modifications to Shear Wall Provisions/Seismic Design of Rigid Wall-Flexible Diaphragm Buildings
Kelly Cobeen/S.K. Ghosh

Afternoon Session – 1:20 pm to 4:30 pm

Time SlotTrack 1
(Sorrento/San Marino Room)
Track 2
(Capri/Riviera Room)
Track 3
(Monte Carlo/St. Tropez Room)
ASCE-41 Code UpdatesBusiness PracticeApplied Technology Council
1:20pm-1:50pmUpdating the ASCE 41 Provisions
for Infilled RC Frames
Andreas Stavridis
Jimena Tempestti
SEAONC: Engagement and Equity in Structural Engineering: The SEAONC SE3 Committee’s Ongoing Work
Angie Sommer, Nick Sherrow-Groves
SEAONC SE3 Committee
ATC-58-2: Probabilistic Performance-based Seismic Assessment and Design Guidelines
Ronald Hamburger
1:55pm-2:25pmUpdates to ASCE 41-17
Garrett R. Hagen
Dave Martin, Robert Pekelnicky
Ownership Transition: Build Teams, Not Walls
Bill Mandel
Laura Terry Howard, Peter Myers
ATC 78-6: Seismic Evaluation Older Concrete Frame, Frame-wall and Bearing Wall Buildings
for Collapse Potential
William Holmes
Break (25 MIN)
Performance Based DesignWind and FireApplied Technology Council (cont.)
2:50pm-3:20pmNew Criteria for use of Nonlinear Analysis in Design - ASCE 7-16 and PEER TBI VII
Ronald Hamburger, Jack Moehle
SEAOC Wind Design Manual
Steve Kerr
SEAOC Wind Committee
ATC-110: Prestandard for Seismic Assessment and Retrofit of One- and Two-Family Dwellings
Kelly Cobeen, Colin Blaney
3:25pm-3:55pmPerformance Based Seismic Design of the GigaFactory in Tesla Time
Jeffrey Hunt
John Osteraas, Greg Luth
Wind Loads on Non-Building Structures
Emily Guglielmo
ATC-120: Improved Seismic Design of Nonstructural Components and Systems
Maryanne Phipps
4:00pm-4:30pmMetropolis Mega-Development:
A case study in fast-tracked performance-based seismic design of high-rise concrete towers in Los Angeles
Saiful Islam
Sampson Huang, Shafiq Ibrahim, Matt Skokan, Fengshuang (Rex) Zhang
Earthquake and Post-earthquake Fire Performance of a Mid-rise Cold-formed Steel Framed Building
Tara Hutchinson
X. Wang, G. Hegemier, B. Meacham, P. Kamath, F. Sesma, K. Holcomb
ATC-124: Example Application Guide for ASCE/SEI 41-13, Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Existing Buildings
Ron LaPlante

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Friday, September 15

Morning Session – 8:00 am to 11:45 am

Time SlotTrack 1
(Sorrento/San Marino Room)
Track 2
(Capri/Riviera Room)
Track 3
(Monte Carlo/St. Tropez Room)
New DesignResiliencySeismic Retrofit
8:00am-8:30amLessons From Stadium Structures in Seismic Zones
Rafael Sabelli
Laura Whitehurst
Building Community Partnerships through Strategic Outreach:
The SEAOSC Strengthening Our Cities Summit and Safer Cities Survey
Annie Kao
David Cocke, Jeff Ellis, Michelle Kam-Biron, Bob Lyons, Ken O'Dell, Victoria Wigle, David Williams
Seismic retrofit and FEMA P-58 risk assessment of mid-rise soft-story concrete towers
Amir Gilani
H. Kit Miyamoto
8:35am-9:05amPractical Implementation of ASCE-41 and NLRHA Procedures for the Design of the LLUMC Replacement Hospital
Greg Nielsen
Simon Rees, Branden Dong, Kermin Chok, Eaman Fatemi, Atila Zekioglu
One Step Closer to a Seismically Resilient Community:
Summary and Comparison of the Seismic Retrofit Ordinances in Southern California
Daniel Zepeda
Jeff Roi
Seismic Retrofit Design of a Multi-Story Non-Ductile Reinforced Concrete Building In Downtown Los Angeles
Hugo Gomez
Dan Bech, Graham Browne, Nina Mahjoub, Erik McGregor, Oliver Till
9:10am-9:40amEnhanced Seismic Design of the New San Diego Central Courthouse
Rupa Garai
Mark Sarkisian, Peter Lee, Alvin Tsui
Consensus Recommendations for "Soft Story" Retrofit
David Bonowitz
Brian Olson, Daniel Zepeda
Younger Member Roundtable
(Terrazza Ballroom)
9:45am-10:15amProportioning Strength to Limit Building Movements of Slender Core-Only Towers
David Shook
Mark Sarkisian, Eric Long, David Shook, Francesco Ranaudo
Implementing the City of San Francisco’s Wood-Framed, Soft Story Retrofit Ordinance
Randy Collins
Nik Favretto, Nadia Makoor
Break (25 MIN)
10:40am-11:45amPlenary Session
(Capri/Riviera/Monte Carlo/St. Tropez Room)

Seismic Design of Steel Building Structures: A Half-Century Overview
Dr. Chia-Ming Uang (UCSD)

Afternoon Session – 1:40 pm to 3:55 pm

Time SlotTrack 1
(Sorrento/San Marino Room)
Track 2
(Capri/Riviera Room)
Track 3
(Monte Carlo/St. Tropez Room)
Research and TestingResiliencySeismic Retrofit
1:40pm-2:10pmDynamic Testing of Structures with Ductile Anchorages: A Comparison of Superstructure and Base Connection Plasticity
Tara Hutchinson
Christopher Trautner
Recommended Framework for Resilient Seismic Design Provisions
Josh Gebelein
Matt Barnard, Henry Burton, Michael Cochran, Curt Haselton, Russell McLellan, Keith Porter
Seismic Upgrade of A One-Story Pre-Northridge Moment Frame Hospital Building by Attaching Its Roof Diaphragm to A Newly Constructed Concrete Shear Wall Building with Friction Dampers
Dihong Shao
Brian Walkenhauer, Reza Shafiei
2:15pm-2:45pmNew Zealand's Kaikoura Earthquake November 2016 and its effects on some Wellington CBD Buildings
John Snook, Paul Campbell
Jason Ingham
Case Study: Cost delta for achieving higher structural performance levels
Kamalpreet Kalsi
Daniel Zepeda
Hotel Churchill: Using Dampers Strategically
Eric Lehmkuhl, Aaron Pebley, Shaun Walters
2:50pm-3:20pmInfluence of Nonstructural Components and Systems (NCS) on the Dynamic Behavior of Buildings
Alec Zavala
Cole McDaniel, Steven Tipping, Peter Laursen, Graham Archer
First USRC-Rated Building: Roseville City Hall Annex
Ryan Kersting
Brian Wiens
3:25pm-3:55pmASCE 7 R-Values in Soft-Story Building Retrofits
Keith Palmer
Bruce Maison, Thor Matteson, Brian Olson
Seismically-Resilient Stair Systems for Buildings
Cameron Black
Ian Aiken, Robert Belvin, Kevin Smith, Anthony Peachy

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